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LTSB GeoData Collector

Formerly known as WISE-Decade

The LTSB GeoData Collector is a specialized web platform for Wisconsin counties and local governments to upload and document their official GIS boundaries.

Geographic Layers

Municipal boundaries, wards, county supervisory boundaries, parcels, and school districts.

Easy Upload

Upload data layers quickly, easily, and all in one place on the Upload Page.

Standardized Data

Data is standardized, merged, and publically distributed as authoritative statewide layers.

Publically Consumable

Used by Wisconsin Election Commission, DOA, DPI, US Census Bureau, and more.

BAS Collection

The BAS Data Collection application compares U.S. Census Bureau geography with local municipal data. Using the legal boundary changes submitted to the DOA Municipal Data System, annexation documents can be selected and associated to the specific boundary change for the U.S. Census Bureau to reference. The collection of municipal wards is mandated by state law 5.15(4)(br)1.

LTSB's BAS Documentation U.S. Census BAS Program

Parcel Collection

The Statewide Parcel Map Initiative is an effort to update a digital parcel map for Wisconsin by aggregating standardized local parcel datasets utilizing GIS technology, per state statutes 16.967 and 59.72. The Parcel Initiative is a multi-faceted, multi-year collaborative effort of the Department of Administration, State Cartographer's Office, and local governments.

DOA's Parcel Initiative SCO's Statewide Parcel Data

School District Collection

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI) collects and maintains data from districts and schools that is used to inform education research and data analysis. DPI collects and maintains geospatial data related to school locations, school districts, and public libraries. The DPI Open Data Portal contains these publically-available GIS layers and interactive maps.

DPI's GIS & Maps Website

Legislative Technology Services Bureau (LTSB) Announcements:

7/17/2024 1:30 PMThe July Municipal Ward data collection is now complete. Data will be published Friday, August 2, 2024.